Passing Through to Be the Beastman's Pampered Wife After I Get Panicky


Author(s): Luo Fei Qiu Se 、 九川动漫

Artist(s): 九川动漫

Status: Ongoin

Rank: 36569th

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Alternative Name: Beastworld's Countryside: My Husband Comes to Farm;Chuan Cheng Shouren Jiao Qi Hou Wo Huangle;Chuān Chéng Shòurén Jiāo Qī Hòu Wǒ Huāngle;I Became the Beast Girl;I Became the Beast's Girl;I Became the Beastman's Wife;I Became the Beastman’s Wife;How t

Genre(s): Drama Fantasy Romance Webtoons

Demographic: Shoujo

The protagonist suddenly died when she stayed up all night writing a program. The moment she time traveled and got to the new world, she found tha... MORE