This Time I'll Live as I Wish


Author(s): Dearmyblue

Artist(s): 유채리

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 27334th

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Alternative Name:Eu vou viver minha vida como eu quiser; I Will Live My Life as I Wish; I Will Live This Life According to My Will; I Will Live This Life as I Wish; Ibeon Saeng'eun Nae Ddeusdaero Salgessda; This Time I Will Live as I Wish; This Life, the Way I Want; This Time, I'll Live as I Wish; ဒီတစ်ကြိမ်ငါ့ဆန္ဒအတိုင်းရှင်သန်မယ်; 今度は悪女だなんて呼ばせません!; 魔女今生要随心所欲; 이번 생은 내 뜻대로 살겠다

Genre(s): Romance School Life WebtoonsFantasy


When Erina gets adopted by Marquess Sinor because of her magic abilities, she didn't realize her life was only about to get much worse. After years of... MORE