Orenchi ni Kita Onna Kishi to Inakagurashi Surukotoninatta Ken


Author(s): Sakuta

Artist(s): Akino Kakashi

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 19997th

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Alternative Name:Orenchi ni Kita Onna Kishi to: Inakagurashi suru Koto ni Natta Ken; Regarding That We Decided to Live in the Countryside With The Female Knight Who Came to Us; 俺んちに来た女騎士と 田舎暮らしすることになった件

Genre(s): Fantasy Romance Slice Of LifeEcchi


Saeki Kanji, 32 years old and still single, is living in the Japanese countryside, which is in decline. After graduating from university with a degree... MORE